Rising Leaders

Meet the leaders of the 2020-2021 Student Council


Anatalia Beiler

The Student Council has found a way to meet during the hard times

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

Students were buzzing eagerly as they were voting on who should represent their class in this year’s student council. All 35 candidates waited nervously, as they didn’t know who would get picked. On the morning of Sep.13th, results came out and 15 of the people who ran, got picked to represent their class in Student Council.

“I was super excited,” executive president and senior, Luke Kemmerer said, “I looked at this position as being an important role in the school district [being a leader], and I thank everyone for my votes.” 

Student Council is a way in which students have the ability to act as a leader through their class and campus. It encourages better citizenship, provides students with a voice and gives the opportunity to participate in the administration of school activities. There are 21 positions in total on the student council.

“I’m looking forward to making the school a community where people feel safe and included and having people participate in all the fun activities,” president of the sophomore class, Mazie Heidger said. 

The entire Student Council meets once a month, officers meet once a week, and executive officers also meet once a week. They work weekends, late at night, after school, or before school 

“We work more because we don’t have restrictions,” sponsor Kirsten Mulligan said, “we work around the clock instead of just in PIT. I do however miss the smiles and the in person interactions of leaders.” 

This year  the Student Council is focusing more on mental health and being leaders in times of stress, as well as encouraging school spirit through the pandemic. Every Monday, they do Mentality Monday on their Instagram to spread positivity through these tough times.  

“We can help change the lives of students,” freshman vice president, Zoya Manashia said, “You don’t know what someone is going through and just being there for them can make a big change on how they look at things.” 

The Student Council has many things planned out already. Theme days with the cheerleaders, Staff Appreciation, Collaborating with Texas Association of Student Council for leadership opportunities, class officers started Student Against Destructive Decisions where the officers create an initions for their class and focus on for each officer.

“A lot of things are still being planned out and we have just started,” executive junior vice president Hillary Xu said, “but our main goal is to uplift students and staff and appreciate them.”

The purpose of Student Council is that they help with communication and planning skills, which are perfect for the real world. The leaders on the council want to set a good example for the school and make it a safe and enjoyable place for students and teachers.

“I think of Student Council as being a group of leaders elected by their peers, wanting to make the school a better place for us and others,” junior class president, Larson Roberts said.