PTSA sponsors health fair to encourage healthy lifestyle choices


Natalie Brink and Claire Lawrence

The PTSA and counselors welcomed students to visit the health fair yesterday during both A and C lunch. At the fair, students could pick up a healthy snack while learning how to “hack” into their day by replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones.

“Statistics show that high school students are really stressed,” PTSA Healthy Lifestyle Committee chairperson Sareta Heath said. “We’re trying to help them create hacks in their day to make healthier choices so they sleep better, have more attention during school and just make better choices throughout their day.”

The fair was set up in four stations to help students improve every part of their day. Each station had different hacks for the morning, during school, after school and night.

“We’re taking them through each of those parts of your day and taking some unhealthy choices they make and hacking them with new choices,” Heath said.

The most popular attraction was the drunk goggle walk. Students put on goggles that simulate what it is like to be drunk and attempted to walk in a straight line indicated by tape on the ground.

“I had to really focus [while doing the goggle walk],” sophomore Jason Foster said. “It was hard to make sure I was on the line because I was seeing double.”

After the drunk goggle walk was completed, the students got a “ticket” that detailed all the fines that come if you get caught driving while drunk.

“Drinking and driving is not gonna happen,” freshmen Alex Beaucamp said. “That was an extreme experience, to be honest. If I was gonna drive like that, I would’ve been off a highway or off a bridge and into the water right away. ”

Each station had detailed pamphlets about several topics prevalent to each station. If a student showed interest in something, they were able to have a conversation with a member of the Healthy Lifestyle Committee.

“Our hope is that each student takes away just one thing,” Heath said. “If they just make one change in either area of their day, it will be a success.”