Choir performs Spring Show


Alaina Galasso

Senior Marisa Collmann sings with the choir at their Leander concert in October.

Stephen King, Writer

Last week on Thursday and Friday, the Vandegrift Program had a show for the spring season where the different choir classes sang songs as the main acts.

“It was really fun,” senior Emily Banks from the same choir said. “It’s my second year in choir and I was able to be a lot more involved.”

After each class performance, individuals would perform Varsity Women’s solos to transition the different numbers.

“I think it went really well,” senior Cami Everitt from Chamber choir said. “I sang the solo Quiet.”

Many well-known songs such as We Will Rock You, a mash up of Halo and Walking on sunshine, and Survivor were sang.

“It was a fun way to say goodbye to all of our seniors and all of my friends in choir,” Banks said.