Mental Health Awareness Week approaches

Emma-Rose Floyd, News Editor

Mental Health Awareness Week is drawing near. The annual event is hosted by Jamie Everett’s Counseling and Mental Health class and is sponsored by the guidance and counseling office. The campaign is set for the week of Nov. 9-13.

“The class has put a lot of time and effort into planning,” Everett said. “I’m excited to see how their plans are carried out.”

Members of Counseling and Mental Health have hung informational posters around the school to raise awareness to the operation. Theme days include “What is Mental Health? Knock out Stigmas!” on Monday, “You’re Not Alone” focusing on depression, suicide and self-harm on Tuesday, “Stand Tall” focusing on abuse, bullying and self image, on Wednesday, “Take a Breath” on Thursday, and “Positive Mindset” on Friday. The class is also hosting discussions during PIT throughout the week about these topics and has a Twitter (@VHSmentalhealth) and Instagram (@vhsmentalhealth).

“[Planning the week] has made me become more aware of mental health,” senior and class member Lexi Barr said. “It’s great to see the whole class putting so much effort and planning into this week.”

Mental Health Awareness Week was started by the Mental Health Foundation in 2000 to help generate public debates about anxiety, sleep deprivation, exercise and their affect mental health. The world-wide week is set in May, but is hosted at the school in November. This is the school’s second year putting on this event.
“I feel like mental health is a subject that can be difficult to discuss, especially when someone is struggling,” head counselor Amy Rodriguez said. “ Many times students feel isolated and alone. I want them to know that there is always someone who can help whether it be a counselor, teacher, coach, parent or friend.”