Homecoming Float Success


Kate Murphy

PALS Float at the 2014 Homecoming Parade featuring Maddie Yoder and Jordan Sproull.

Maria Krychniak, Staff Writer

For the third year in a row, PALS yet again blew the judges away and placed first in the homecoming float competition on Wednesday.

“Everyone was so excited to win again this year,” senior Maddy Peacock said. “The theme ended up working out really well and the float turned out great.”

The PALS float was themed Toy Story and was decorated with life size characters from the popular Disney movie.

So what makes a winning float? The PALS spent two weeks, including weekends, working on the float to make it spectacular.

“It definitely took a lot of commitment,” senior PAL Addie Benoit said. “We spent two days just planning the float and then we actually had to make it real.”

PALS thought of the theme Toy Story last spring. They wanted to incorporate something that not only would be fun but something that the PALees could get into as well.

“It was so much fun,” senior PAL Madeleine Leboeuf said. “Even though the float is a hard thing to accomplish, being apart of PALS and the homecoming parade is always a blast.”

The PALS walked away with a first place prize of $100 for winning the float competition, with golf coming in second and VHS cheer coming in third. The prize money will

go towards the PAL organization and will be used to buy their PALees toys.