Dress Code Strictly Enforced

Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

We’ve all seen the girl with “short-shorts” who manages to skate past administration. The clothing is out of dress code and yet nobody does anything about it. Beginning this school year, administration is putting more emphasis on enforcing the Leander ISD dress code, which was more relaxed in previous years. This requires all teachers to report out of dress code students. Those found in violation of the dress code will receive a detention on their second dress code referral, with increased consequences for successive offenses—a district policy.


All bottoms must hit mid-thigh and tank tops and sleeveless shirts are not permitted. Excessively low necklines that reveal cleavage, see-through or tight shirts, and pants with tears and holes in inappropriate areas are banned. School-sponsored uniforms are exempt from the dress code requirements.


“I don’t like it,” Wesley Fisher, senior, said. “Dress is a way of expressing oneself. The dress code was fine before even though it wasn’t enforced and I think that it restricts freedom of speech.”


However, the district created the dress code to keep students focused on learning without being distracted by others. The dress code is supposed to  prepare students for college and work dress.


“This is a respectable environment like a workplace and we want to be professional,” Mr. Sloan, assistant principal, said.


“I find that only certain teachers will really enforce the dress code. One of my teachers called out a student, but that’s all I’ve seen,” sophomore Malea McMurray said. Even though all teachers are supposed to report students breaking dress code, the problem lies in the fact that one student may be reported for wearing the same shorts that another student, who didn’t get a referral, wore as well. Is this fair to all students? Many students are not happy about being dress coded when others are not. 


 “They’re more strict this year, but if you dress code one person you need to dress code everyone who is wearing a similar item,” Mitzi Naiser, senior, said.


Teachers also feel that the dress code, which is stricter this year, was not enforced enough in the past.


“The dress code was not enforced enough last year. We need to hold students to the dress code. It is a distraction, and inappropriate for school,” Mrs. Simon, a teacher, said.


The new dress code is about being responsible and taking accountability. Designed to keep students focused, it can sometimes become unfair to students that are trying to keep their outfits appropriate.


“I think some things shouldn’t be the same. Wearing Nike wind shorts that aren’t quite long enough because of having long legs isn’t the same as wearing a short skirt or shorts,” Mrs. Lopez, librarian, said.


Overall, students are generally adhering to the new dress code, which is essentially the same as last year—just better reinforced. Whether students feel it is important to keep the school proper or whether they believe the dress code restricts freedom, the dress code is permanent for the school year.