Students Gather In Support of Hospitalized Classmate

Danielle Docherty, Sports Editor

Tuesday morning, January 11th, Fellowship of Christian Athletes held a support group open to all students for fellow Viper Devonta Darden. Darden was recently hospitalized because of a severe brain hemorrhage. Fellow classmates, athletes and friends wrote out notes of encouragement and love to Devonta and also took the time to pray for safety during his surgery.

This time of support was also extended during both lunches where any student was welcome to write out a note of love and comfort for Devonta.

“I love the idea of writing notes to Devonta.  It gives a chance to students at our school to let him know we’re thinking about him even if we weren’t able to go to the hospital,” junior Glenda Radtke said.

Some students were able to see Darden at the hospital Tuesday morning before his surgery. Many friends and classmates got there at 6AM to spend time with him.

“Being there with Devonta made me feel like I was making a huge difference in his life. Hearing his prayer before surgery made me break; he is such a wonderful person and we’re so lucky to have him here. When Devonta saw all of the people that came to see him, it looked like he was just struck by lightning. He was so grateful to have so many people there and praying for him. I know it meant a lot to him,” junior Kayley Gerhardt said.