Shoppers And Retailers Gear Up For Black Friday

Taylor Watson, Editor In Chief

Step aside Black Friday, times have changed. The traditionally one-day bargain shopping extravaganza has become a month long. This year, retailers and shoppers alike participate in Black November.

According to Forbes Magazine, Black Friday is a game played by professional shoppers, but the recession has changed the rules. Because of the lack of success in 2008’s single shopping day, retailers have learned from their past mistakes. Now, vendors promote coupons, merchandise and holiday seasonal items at the start of November.  The increase in spending from this solid moth of shopping is from a consumer interest in sale items, sales can occur when customer traffic picks up. This circle of shopping is famously boosted during the holiday season.

While this year we may have black November, Black Friday ads are all over the place. Stores plan to open earlier than ever and sell products cheaper than ever.  The National Retail Federation estimates that 128 million people will shop next Friday and this holiday season $447.1 billion will be spent on holiday shopping. This money will mostly be spent at major department retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Macys, Kohl’s, Toys R US and JCPennys.

Bargain hunters know it is vital to wake up at the crack of dawn with a game plan to check out the best deals in town. Wal-Mart is a must, and plans to open at midnight. The big sale items get discounted at 5 AM, including a 32 inch flat screen Television for less than $200, here a few cameras will go for $60 and a various laptops will go for $300. But before the 5AM sale time at Wal-Mart, try the 3AM opening at Kohl’s – where, besides the 400 early bird specials, you will also receive $10 Kohl’s cash back for every $50 you spend. While Wal-Mart is traditionally the king of the day after Thanksgiving, Target is not far behind. This year Target is keeping up by handing out $10 for every $100 spent. The gift cards and cash back are perfect for the final days in November, where sales still live.

After the shopper hits up these three stores, it is time for a reload at Starbucks (who will not be featuring discounted coffee) and then head out again. By this time most stores will be open and chaotic, so go shop at your own risk.

This season spenders are thankful for Black November and maybe even hoping for Black December too.