Choir Program Hard At Work


Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

   On Sunday, October 17, the choir held a car wash fundraiser at Wells Fargo from 10 to 4 to raise funds for upcoming events.

   “We hoped to make $1000 at the car wash. The money will be used to fund our end-of-the-year trip,” Piyushi Bishnoi, choir treasurer, said.

   “We actually made $912,” choir president Katie Kupec said.

   The car wash isn’t the only fundraiser choir is holding this year. Later in the year, they will hold a Dream Dinners fundraiser night in which families can make their own meal and the choir will receive a share of the money made.

   The choir has undergone some change this year, including a new director, Ms. Kelly-Willis.

   “The choir program has been running smoothly so far. At first it was harder because we had to get to know the new director and learn about her” Bishnoi said.

   Ms. Kelly-Willis and the choir have been working toward their year-long goal of making straight ones at choir UIL competitions. Alyssa Muir, Allison Carruthers, Piyushi Bishnoi, Audrey Pyle and Joe Hernandez are also working toward region competitions on Monday, October 25, after advancing during district.

    In addition, the choir provided a free concert on October 19 to showcase the skills of choir students. At 7 PM in the Vandegrift Auditorium, the choir held its first concert of the year in which students and their families were invited to attend.

   “This year, we really want to make sure that everyone’s voice stands out,” Bishnoi said.