Viperbots prepare for final qualifiers

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Viperbots prepare for final qualifiers

Laura Figi, Spotlight Editor

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With just two more qualifiers until the regional competition, the Viperbots season continues. Teams who did not compete (or advance) at the first qualifier will contend at the final matches to decide who advances further to regionals.
“Watching them get ready and practice for the competition [is exciting],” sophomore Linnea May said. “The energy in the air is contagious.”
This Saturday, 4545 (Ouroboros), 4546 (Snake Byte), 6210 (Viperbots Stryke) and 7161 (Big Fang Fury) will compete at Roosevelt High School in San Antonio. On Jan. 31, 6209(Venom), 6299(Quad X), 6210 and 7161 will compete at Harlandale High School in San Antonio.
“We’re really optimistic about our other teams qualifying,” junior Brendan Hollaway said. “It’s their first chance to show what they’ve worked all this season on.”
All six teams from Vandegrift have the opportunity to advance to region, and 4545, 4546, 6209 and 6299 have already qualified for region on Feb. 20.
“I personally love just watching the teams compete,” Hollaway said. “It’s a lot of fun, it really is.”

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