Holiday Traditions Bring Thanksgiving Excitement

Jenna Mertz, Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving only one week away, everyone is getting prepared for good company, good food and being thankful for everything they have.

“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I get to see all of my family that I never get to see, and the food is a plus too. Who wouldn’t want to stuff their face all day with delicious food and pie,” junior Patrick Slater said.

The holidays always give families time to spend together without the interruptions of work or school. With a week off school, parents work around their busy schedules so they can spend quality time with their family.

“Both of my parents work full time, so I always look forward to the holidays when they can take some time off and we can all spend time together,” senior Gabriella Arevalo said.

“My family has a beach house in Galveston and so do other of my family members. We go every year and it’s a really great time to see everyone and relax for a week,” freshman Kayla Tate said.

When one thinks of Thanksgiving, they might think of pilgrims, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie and football as junior Dylan Hosek does. Others, though, may have traditions that they have kept for years that don’t involve sticking to the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

“My family and I have this crazy thing where we don’t eat a ‘normal’ Thanksgiving dinner. We go out to eat. We always go to a Chinese restaurant and order a ton of food and after that we go see one of the new family friendly movies that are in the theater,” Arevalo said.

Like Arevalo, some students have fun, quirky traditions while others have the standard traditions that most families have.

“My family just hangs out at home, watches football and we eat a ton of food. It’s nothing super special but I look forward to it every year,” senior Austin Wyborny said.