Upperclassmen bring ultimate frisbee to VHS


Madeline Smyser

The ultimate frisbee team confers with their coach during practice.

Madeline Smyser and Jennifer Walker

Lacrosse, golf and tennis are all fun, unique sports- however, junior Nathan Beasley had an even more unusual sport in mind. He had grown to love ultimate frisbee and wanted to start an official team.

This new club was started by Beasley and some of his friends because they wanted to hang out after cross country practices. The team currently sits at 45 members, and keeps growing.

“I started the team because there was a good group of us who wanted to play ultimate, and be competitive,” Beasley said. “I contacted ULPA and got our school registered in the Austin league.”

The team practices about two times a week and scrimmages against other schools whenever they get the chance. On Saturday the team scrimmaged against McCallum High School.

“The official competition season doesn’t start until January,” senior Preston Mayo said. “But we like scrimmaging against local schools to help us improve or skills and build good relationships with the other teams.”

During the game, seven players from each team pass off a frisbee on a 70 yard field to reach the end zone.

“The rules of ultimate frisbee are fairly simple,” senior Cameron McCrae said. “It’s seven on seven and begins with a kickoff similar to football called a pull. Once you catch the disc you can only pivot like in basketball.”

The ultimate frisbee team welcomes students of any skill level looking to try a new club.

“What I like about the ultimate frisbee team is the diversity of people who show up, and we all respect and have fun together,” junior Matthew Driskel said.

The club is always looking for new members.

“I encourage anyone who wants to join to do it,” Driskel said. “Even if you are not looking for the competitive aspects of it. It’s a great way to meet new people and be apart of something fun.”