AV students take on Jumbotron for track meet

Megan Messer and Miguel Blanco

Eight students in Audio/Video Production and Digital Media broadcasted middle school district track meets on the Jumbotron last week. This was the first time students were able to experiment on a significantly larger screen in front of the community.

“It was pretty nerve-racking for me since it was our first time getting to use the jumbotron,” sophomore Kaleigh Meneses said. “I was mainly worried that getting one thing wrong or missing the opportunity to film somebody would ruin their chance of getting to be up on the big screen. I was also worried parents would be disappointed of their kids missing that chance too.”

AV students were responsible for filming students participating in the meets and people watching from the stands. In order to prepare, students set up multiple cameras around the track, taking different shots from many angles at once.

“The most important thing we had to do was maintain focus throughout the entire process,” sophomore Gavin Vanna said. “Overall, we just had to make sure our [camera movement] and position adjustments were consistent.”

Fortunately, AV students say they were already well-equipped for the challenges that came with broadcasting a larger event. Throughout the year, AV students learned how to use motion graphics and operate cameras for their projects.

“All of the equipment we used for the tricaster (portable live production appliance) was needed,”  junior Coltyn Present said. “We would not have been able to work it without our applied knowledge and skills. Additionally, we had to apply our graphic design skills to put graphics on the Jumbotron.”

AV students are hopeful to stay involved in broadcasting events, like the track meets, in coming years. Students who participated in last week’s meets said they believe it will help the class continue to grow and encourage students to join AV.

“I think it would be awesome to keep broadcasting events like these,” Meneses said. “It’s not only a great team we have going on, but the skills we learn can also contribute a whole lot to our school community.”