Former bookkeeper returns as school resource officer


Emma-Rose Floyd

Former bookeeper Tiffany Blase has returned to the school to be an SRO officer until the end of the year

Tiffany Blase has always been called to serve and protect. Whether it was with school finances as a bookkeeper, the Leander Police Department or even the military, she has always done her part. Now she is using her natural calling to serve and protect Vandegrift.
Blase, a former VHS bookkeeper, has recently returned to Vandegrift and is working as a School Resource Officer with the Leander Police Department.
“What I like most about my job as an SRO is the relationships I have with the students and the opportunities to educate them on different things about the law,” Blase said. “At Vandegrift I hope to establish those same relationships.”
Previously, Blase spent ten years in the Marine Corps and left in June of 2009. When she found Vandegrift, she felt that the school was a perfect fit due to its namesake and military traditions. She worked as the first ever bookkeeper from 2009 until 2013.
“I remember feeling lost when I got out of the military not sure what I wanted to do but I always said it was a ‘sign’ that I got hired for a school named after U.S. Marine hero, Matthew Vandegrift,” Blase said. “It was an honor to open up and work for a school named after a Marine.”
After leaving her bookkeeping position, Blase decided to enroll in the police academy and joined the Leander Police Department. It was a dream that she had held her entire life, and she decided it was time to achieve it.
“I think it was harder to say goodbye to Vandegrift then it was to say goodbye to the military,” Blase said. “The Vandegrift staff was my family and leaving them was so hard but with support I decided it was time.”
Principal Charlie Little and other members of school staff welcomed Blase back with open arms.
“When she was our book keeper, we saw her establish great relationship with staff and students, and we knew this would make for a great homecoming for her to return as our School Resource Officer,” Little said. “She is a dear friend to Mrs. Boddorf and me, and we have enjoyed seeing her reach her personal and professional goals and the time we get to share with her this year.”
Blase is determined to make the school a better place and work towards a positive opinion of police officers as a whole.
“The media gets to show you what they want to, they don’t show you or tell you the whole circumstances,” Blase said. “We take an oath to serve and protect and I take that seriously.”