Assistant Principal Advisory Committee

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

Vandegrift has created two twitter accounts, @vandegriftHS and @lifeatvandy, based on the advice of the Assistant Principal Advisory Committee. The Assistant Principal Advisory Committee, or APAC, is a group of students who advise the administration and propose changes to the school.
“We believe an open line of communication between the student body and administration is one of the most important components of a successful school,”AP Mike Haase said. “An open line of communication helps us to stay updated with what’s going on with the student body. We want the APAC’s help in developing an overall positive high school experience for all of our students and staff.”
The APAC is made up of four students from each grade, two boys and two girls. The students are chosen by the assistant principals.
“APAC gives the AP’s a student’s input,” senior Morgan Waggoner said. “We talk about changes we want to see in the school.”
Some changes the APAC has proposed so far are microwaves in the cafeteria, more parking, a bigger student section and off campus lunches.
“We also made suggestions for another pep rally before districts for football,” junior Jacob Rockefeller said.