Summer Bucket List

kate schulte and lane williard

    1. Have a picnic with friends. There are many places around Austin that would make for a perfect picnic. For example, Zilker Park, a neighborhood park, or even your own backyard!
    2. Go to Barton Springs Pool. Barton Springs is open daily from 5a.m.-10 p.m . There is a $2 admission fee for Austin residents and a $4 for non-residents.
    3. Go camping. There are many campgrounds in Austin. Emma Long Park is a great option, it’s located on the lake and the admission fee only costs $5 per day.  
    4. Have a photo shoot with friends. This is a fun and entertaining way to explore Austin, make fun memories, and have cute pictures with friends. Also it’s very inexpensive, all you need are some friends or family and a camera.
    5. Go to a drive-in movie at Blue Star-lite Mini Urban Drive in. Drive-in movies are a unique way to watch movies without just sitting in your typical theater. The admission costs vary depending on the film and time, but cost on average is $5 per person.
    6. Take a day trip. Visit the cute shops in Waco such as Magnolia’s or visit the Alamo in San Antonio. There is no charge to visit the Alamo or Magnolia’s store, both locations are less than 110 miles away. All you need to do is pay for gas and maybe grap some lunch on the way!
    7. Try something new. Summer is a long period time and swimming every single day can get boring so… try something new. Maybe try yoga or cycling. LOVE cycling studio is popular and so is Soul Cycle. LOVE cycling studio classes are $22.00 per class. Soul cycle is $32.00 per class. Both studios offer rental able spin shoes for less than $3.00
    8. Have a summer party/get together! Get together will a group of friends and make a group decision of where the party should be held, this could be at a friends house or maybe even at your neighborhood park. Go swimming, take pictures, have everyone bring some food and fun! This is a very inexpensive way to have fun and keep in touch with friends over the summer.
    9. Take a hike. River Place neighborhood has some great trails that aren’t super difficult, have great views and there is no charge. Take a quick pick on your hike too!
    10. Go get some fro-yo or a cold sweet treat. Menchies in Steiner Ranch has great yogurt and is super close buy or you could venture down to South Congress for a snow cone at Big Top Candy Shop! Snow cones at Big Top are typically $2 depending on what size you select.