Vet Med team advances to Nationals

FFA competed in the State CDE competition at Texas A&M on April 28. Vandegrift placed first in Vet Med by .667 of a point.

“The most challenging part of the competition was identifying,” junior Zach Roush said. “Our team members individually identify different breeds of livestock, horses, poultry, dogs, cats, reptiles and small animals. We identify many almost identical parasites and parasite eggs, along with that we identify different organs in livestock, and companion animals. Lastly, we identify tools used the the veterinary world.”

Zach Roush scored the highest, followed by Laures Stevens, Madeleine Rawlings, and Natalie Kelliher. The Vet Med team will compete at the national contest held in October in Indianapolis on Oct. 24 – 27.

“For nationals there will definitely be many many practices over the summer since the competition isn’t until October,” Rawlings said. “We will follow our regular strategies but go into deeper depth because what we have been doing so far has been working out really well.”

The team has been training all year to be successful. Countless hours both in and out of school have been what the team does to work towards where they are.

“We’ve had practice two-three times a week starting at 7:00 am since early January,” Roush said. “I’ve also spent countless hours taking practice tests and teaching myself helpful clues and hints when identifying breeds, parasites, organs and instruments.”

Nationals will require more rigorous and in depth training. More hours and practice will have to be applied for the team to be a success at the competition.

“Nationals is going to take a lot more practice and memorizing of not only the material we know, “ Kelliher said. “But also new material and events that are specific to the national competition like a group skills practicum performance.”

Attending the national competition in October is groundbreaking for not only Vandegrift, but all of LISD.

“We are the first CDE team to go to nationals in LISD history, but we are quickly learning information on nationals,” Roush said. “There will be one representative team from every state competing for cash prizes, scholarship opportunities, and the title of best Vet Science team in the country. To prepare for nationals we will have more practice and more hard work so we can be the best.”