Freshman receives district recognition for typing


Justin Heroux is announced CTE student of the week for typing 100 words per minute.

Marah Santiago, Staff Reporter

Freshman Justin Heroux earned CTE Student of the Week on Feb. 14 for his competitive typing record. Heroux can type 100 words per minute and has been typing since he was 8 years old.  

“My mom made me do typing websites because she believes typing is very important,” Heroux said. “With the website that I do, I’m constantly going up against other people that type 100 words per minute. Some of them are able to type 130 words per minute so it challenges me to become better to be able to beat them.”

In order to become LISD’s CTE Student of the Week a teacher had to nominate him. Business teacher Kari Michalek, who teaches Heroux in Business Information Management,  saw his potential the first day he walked into her class full of upperclassmen. 

“At the beginning of the year, I [monitor] the kids to see what their needs are and I’ve realized some students need more teacher led instruction and then there’s kids like Justin, who have the potential to do way more than the average kid in the class,” Michalek said. “I picked up on his learning style very early in the year and his initiative has shown because he has an idea of what he wants to do for a career.”

Heroux believes typing is a major advantage because it is what allowed him to write an essay within 10 minutes. In the future he wants to be a mathematician that works with insurance.

 “I’m really happy because it means I get to brag to others about it,” Heroux said.  “To me it means that I put a lot of work and effort into accomplishing something pretty good.”