Legacies kick off new competition season

Sophia Alaniz, Web Editor

Forty-eight girls, six officers and months of preparing–the Legacies have their first competition this Saturday at Canyon High School in New Braunfels. Every team is divided up into divisions based on how big the team is and since the Legacies are growing each year they have been in a different division each year. This year the team is in what they call the “super team division,” which is the equivalent to 6A in football.

“It is really tough, so we definitely have our work cut out for us,” Legacies dance director Holly Lyons said. “But I think the girls are ready and I think they will do a great job.”  

There are 11 dance numbers the Legacies prepared, there are three team pieces, three officer dances, a social officer dance, four ensembles and on average 15 solos.

“I like all of our dances a lot this year I really love our team contemporary,” Lyons said. “It’s just really beautiful and [so are] their costumes. The theme is a sunset, and it’s really fun and really pretty to watch.”

The Legacies have won their division five times out the seven times the team has competed. Three years ago the team won their division plus the overall, which means they beat every team in the whole competition.

“We have had less time for cleaning because football season was so long; I think it is really fresh in our heads,” Lieutenant officer Nico Vera said. “Since it is really fresh we have been working really hard to clean it in a shorter amount of time, so I think it will be better this year because it is more enthusiastic.”

The Legacies get judged on choreography, costuming, execution, technique, showmanship and emotion towards the audience.

“I think we will do good we have a lot of good energy,” Officer Natalie Eichorn said. “I feel like our overall technique is up there, so hopefully it will all turn out great.”