Club Spotlight: Latin club Interview with Coach Buhidma

Ramie Ruble, Editor-in-Chief

How long has Latin Club been around?

“Latin Club began last year.”

What is the purpose of Latin Club?

“This year the purpose of Latin club has been to offer peer tutoring.  Our AP students offer tutoring to any younger students who would like extra help.”

Who can join Latin Club?

“Any current Latin student.”

What is your favorite part about Latin Club?

“I love to see the AP students show off their skills.  It gives them the opportunity to see how far they’ve come, when they can help the younger students with the things the seniors used to struggle with, but no longer do.”

How often does Latin Club meet?

“Once a week, as needed.”

What is a fun fact about Latin Club?

“This year’s Latin Club was completely envisioned by Lienne Ng and Caley Butler.  They wanted to help younger students, and they do an awesome job at it!”