Prom is a thing of the past


I proved that friend dates can be just as cool as dates by asking one of my best friends to prom. Grace Clark photo

Sophia Alaniz, Staff Writer

Prom is a huge part of high school culture, being the highlight of some student’s lives. Prom  is said to originate from the idea of higher society debutante balls. Prom was not documented into high school yearbooks until 1930s-1940s, but the earliest recording of a prom was in the late 1800’s. Prom should not be made into a big deal because it is just an over glorified version of a middle school dance.

Prom is a overdone event that should not be so glorified because it is too expensive for what students and families can afford and typically is not as fun as they are portrayed up to be.

The total cost of prom can get very expensive very quickly. The average American family can spend up to $919 depending on their financial situation according to Visa Inc.. Prom dresses can average to $100-700 and renting a tux can be $100-600. You may be able to rent a tux, but renting a prom dress is a not common service girls have access to. Girls spend way too much money on a dress that they will only wear once. Paying for prom itself can add a lot the number too. Prom tickets can range from free to $100, depending on the venue and the school. Other than the dress and the ticket a bunch of other small factors play into this day. Jewelry, shoes, makeup, dinner, transportation,  etc. all just add to the very expensive “magical” night.

According to every Disney movie that featured a prom, you will meet the man of your dreams and fall in love. Your date will be your Prince Charming and this is the Cinderella fantasy you’ve been hoping for since you were a little girl. Prom is talked about for months and if it does not live up to the hype you could be left very disappointed. What if you don’t get a date, or worse what if your date is flaky. Your dinner could not be worth the money you paid, your hair could be ruined or the actual dance could be just a few kids scattered on the dance floor.

A solution to stop the over-hype of prom and to make it less expensive is to have it at a less elegant venue, which would bring down the hype and the cost of the whole night.

Even though the school offers two less expensive dances, anyone can attend those dances, which downplays the dances. The spirit of these other two dances is not as intense as the prom spirit. It is too expensive of an event that could put too much stress on families or students. As much as prom is talked about it is a strong belief of mine that it is not worth your time.