My “Common X Thread” experience

Sophia Alaniz, Web-Editor

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Last weekend I spent my Saturday at Westlake high school at the Tedx experience “Common X  Thread”. I never been to a TED talk, let alone a TED experience, but all I can say is I am so happy I went.
Not only did I help fly a drone and take an improv class hosted by a local Austin theatre, I watched six great speakers. The speakers ranged from a passionate artist to the actress Brooklyn Decker. The first person to speak was a muralist named Josef Kristofoletti who painted a mural of the world’s largest atom splitter in the world at the European Council for Nuclear Research. I watched Alan Graham, a founding member of Mobile Loaves and Fishes, be reinspired by a touching story of a ex-Mexican gang member who helped him realize he wanted to help the homeless population. Although all the other speakers were amazing, Brooklyn Decker and Ricardo Palomares were my favorite. Brooklyn Decker is an actress and her past credits include the Netflix original, Grace and Frankie, Just go with it, and What to expect when you’re expecting. She spoke about how her whole career is based on one thing- being nice- and that this one quality can get you so far because people remember nice people. Ricardo Palomares is a cyclist who traveled 18,000 miles on the Pan-American Highway. He decided to take the journey because he wanted to challenge himself. He told his story of a women he met in the first leg of his trip who was always happy, even though she lived in such a barren place. He craved the happiness she had and by the end of the journey he had found it. All these speakers opened up my mind to the endless possibilities of what a human can do. Next year, when I am in college, I plan to attend more TED talks.

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