Samantha Brown’s Internet Petition

Zoe Dowley, Staff Writer

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Junior Samantha Brown started a petition that allows students to have the ability to do their school and homework without the district blocking the necessary websites and resources that they would need.

It started in her video design class, when many of the websites that she needed to finish her work were blocked. She also couldn’t transfer her school work home through her email because the district also blocked Yahoo. Brown then composed her petition.

“I wanted students to have the ability to do their work without all of the district’s hassle of imposing and blocking the websites we need,” Brown said.

She first printed out three pages and once those were filled with signatures, she had to print more because everyone she knew wanted to sign it. The petition also included the websites that each student wanted to be unblocked, such as email, full access to YouTube, and the blocks to all of the other school related websites. After she had all of the signatures she needed, she gave the petition to Mr. Little. A week or two after she handed over the petition, they called her in and asked her about the petition and about talking to the district herself to resolve this issue. She has had a meeting including Mr. Little and Mrs. Lopez with the people who are in charge of the districts internet to talk about the website regulations and further improvements the district will make. She soon has a meeting with Mr. Little in the near future to speak about the districts further improvement to the school’s internet.

“I’m happy that it’s gone this far and I’m hopeful for change,” Brown said.