Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Hudson


1.       Please write a little bit about yourself.

I have 3 kids, Lauren and Julia who are 5 and Cooper who is 6. I have been married for nine years and my husband is an Assistant Principal at Lake Travis HS. We also have a chocolate lab, Sienna and two cats (their names are boy kitty and girl kitty…it’s a long story! J) We like to spend time outdoors doing all sorts of activities like swimming, riding bikes, and just playing in the yard.  

2.       What made you decide to teach World History?

 I majored in history in undergraduate school and was always fascinated by the crazy stories one of my college professors would tell about these ancient peoples. He made it all come alive! I wanted to do the same, but for high school students in hopes that they would like history and all the crazy people and stories it has to offer!

3.       What is your favorite part about being a teacher at Vandegrift?

 This may sound corny, but it’s 100% true-the students. They make our jobs so much fun with how smart, innovative and funny they are!

 4.       What should students who have you expect for the year?

 Love this question….lots of reading! And hopefully some meaningful class conversations about history along the way…and a passing grade on the AP exam.

 5.       What is one fun fact about yourself?

 I used to teach at a school in LA and had many teen movie/tv stars in class.