Live Musicians to Perform at Homecoming Dance

Maggie Talbot and Emma Floyd, Staff Writers

This year the Vandegrift Student Council is putting on a Homecoming unlike one they’ve ever had before. The casual dance, which will be held on October 18th after the football game against Marble Falls High School, will be a country western themed event with a live musical performance.

“All of the Student Council board really wanted the upper-classmen to actually attend Homecoming this year. Michelle Hoang and I figured a big country band would bring the biggest crowd, so we began working on it,” Makenna Callen, student council historian and member of the 2013 homecoming committee, said.

However, finding a band for the dance is not proving itself to be an easy task for the committee. There are many obstacles the student council and homecoming committee are now facing concerning this project.

“I have contacted a multitude of bands including Josh Abbott band, Kevin Fowler, Eli Young Band, and even some small bands like Hot Tub Country,” Michelle Hoang, student council vice president, said. “Honestly it’s really difficult trying to book a big band like those. They’re either on tour or have a concert the next day somewhere across America. Currently, our biggest issue is money.”

Although it is a struggle to find the perfect act, students are responding positively to the idea of live music at the homecoming dance. Students who typically do not attend homecoming are considering going this year because of the added entertainment.

“Having live music would probably improve the dance,” senior Lunden Hayes said. “Especially since we’re in a place like Austin where young aspiring musicians come from all over the country and that would help give homecoming a little more Austin culture that we all enjoy.”

As a school that is continually growing our traditions, Vandegrift is creating one that will honor its hometown while also pleasing the students.

“I think that with or without a well-known band, the dance will be a lot of fun. There will be live music, and hopefully a lot of students,” Callen said.