Students make New Year’s resolutions

Sarah Davis, Sports Center

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. It’s a time to set new goals for yourself and to try and make yourself a better person. When the New Year comes around, the date on papers isn’t the only thing that changes. People also think about ways they can improve their lives.

There is no right or wrong time to start thinking of a resolution, but some people like to plan ahead or make major changes or cut backs in their lives.

“I start thinking of mine at the beginning of December so I can also think of ways to stick with it,” senior Matt Maas said.

Most people come up with at least one resolution each year and making multiple resolutions creates a cushion of back-up options if one of your resolutions doesn’t work out.

“I usually have more than one resolution just in case I don’t stick with one too long, I’ll still have the others,” sophomore Iridian Villegas said.

Different people do different things to stick with their resolutions. Whether it’s help from friends, keeping the outcome in mind, or just encouraging yourself to stay on track, There are different routes to ensure you reach your goals.

“I have a lot of pretty good friends who help me keep my resolution,” sophomore Matthew Riewski said.

Some people stress over their resolution and others don’t sweat it but most people take the time to make one. They’re a great way to start the year and if you can manage to stick with it, you can finish the year strong.