Class of 2013 Battles Stress and Senioritis

Priyunka Maheshwari, Feature Editor

The last year of high school typically entails much relief and a relaxing environment, but for the new batch of seniors, senior year can be just as daunting as any other.


“I find that the content isn’t as difficult but the amount of work we have to do is a lot and finding the time to do it is hectic,” senior Lan Nguyen said.


With many students taking more AP and ACC classes than before, seniors are balancing vigorous curriculum with extracurricular activities. Also, fall application deadlines for colleges add an extra burden to busy to-do lists.


“The most difficult part of being a senior academically is balancing studying with college applications and essays,” senior Leticia Lee said.


However, along with these challenges is the knowledge that seniors will be leaving their high school careers behind soon. The excitement of freedom and responsibility can sometimes induce “senioritis”—a term coined as the reduced effort put forth toward senior year.


“I feel senioritis every day,” senior Lukas Cramer said. “It’s been four years of high school. I feel like I’ve hit that time, but then I can’t give up.”


Some students can breathe knowing they have been admitted to their top-choice college already, and others are feeling less stress with each application they submit.     Whether students are pushing towards the finish line or just making the most of their last year at home, the class of 2013 is counting down the days until they can call themselves Vandegrift Alumni.


“Being a senior is pretty cool,” senior Austin Kaczmarek said. “I think I’m ready for college.”