Going the Distance: Relationships After High School

Sofia Colorado, Lifestyles Editor

On June 3 when the seniors walk down the aisle, it will mark a new chapter of their lives. All the labels that high school has put on you are washed clean. It’s a new beginning, when old friends are cherished, and new ones are made. But for some people, not all things have to end. Like Noah and Allie in the Notebook, some people are just meant to be.

Senior Courtney Davis has been dating Derek Warren for a year and a half, and they both plan on going to college in Texas.

“I am confident that if we are suppose to be together than we will be and it won’t be a problem. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it,” Davis said.

Unlike Davis and Warren, Senior Topher Jensen will be facing other obstacles that will separate him and girlfriend, Junior Isabella Voelkl.

“If I had to describe our relationship in one word it would be, enduring. Because I know that no matter what happens I will be able to work through it,” Jensen said.

Voelkl has another year to go after graduation, but the two plan on staying together regardless of the distance. Topher will be attending West Point in New York, but she plans on applying to colleges in the northeast.

“I will be able to see her during the breaks. And she plans on going to college up in New York after she graduates. I am a little worried because she will be down here by herself for a long time. But I think it will be okay, I have confidence,” Jensen said.

As for senior couple, Maximo Estrella and Whitney Wright, modern day technology will keep them together during college. Estrella will be attending Texas A&M in college station, and four hours away Whitney will be going to the Art Institute in Austin. Estrella describes their relationship as faithful, to each other and to their religion.

“We are both Christians we have so much in common that I don’t know anyone out there that is better for me than she is. It will be weird not seeing her every day,” said Estrella. “I am confident that we will stay strong because we have stayed strong this far and we have already gone through this far, it’s just the next step in our relationship,” Estrella said.