Leaving A Legacy: Learning From Ben Breedlove

Danielle Docherty, Sports Editor

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As of Tuesday afternoon, January 17th, Ben Breedlove’s story has reached over 6.2 million views. This Westlake senior broadcasted his life-threatening experiences caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy to the world over YouTube. But this eighteen-year old shared more than just his struggles; he shared his faith and the peace he claims God gave him. Breedlove’s story has challenged and empowered men and women of all ages across the world to live a life that leaves a legacy.

Breedlove may have passed away, but he passed on much more to the world he left. He lived a life with a purpose and believed in a message he truly desired to share. His powerful message stirred feelings, emotions and questions in many of his viewers who responded with YouTube videos, blog posts, tweets, Facebook statuses and more thanking him for legacy he left behind.

Living a life that had meaning while enjoying what means most is the challenge Breedlove left the world with. He left a legacy that was meant to stir something up in us to live with the peace and joy Breedlove did, despite the struggles and hardships we face.

We all have passions, memories and experiences that have left an impact on us. Whether it is an experience with bullying that you share to bring awareness to the very real subject, it’s time to leave a legacy. Or you have a passion for painting and have created something extraordinary for the eyes of others to enjoy, it’s time to leave a legacy. Or you have a memory of abuse that you share to encourage others who have been abused to begin the healing process, it’s time to leave a legacy.

Breedlove’s message is calling to awaken us from the lives we are living for just ourselves and live a life that will impact the lives of others in a positive way. You don’t have to reach millions of people like Ben, but if you share your story to at least one person, that is one person that you left an impact on. And that, is a step in continuing on the legacy Breedlove left for us to pursue.

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