Valentine’s Day: Red Roses, Fairytales, and Broken-Hearted Blues

Danielle Docherty, Sports Editor

So your knight in shining armor rides in on his powerful horse and saves you, the damsel in distress, from the tower of heartbreak you’ve been locked up in.  He sweeps you off your feet and together you ride off into the sunset with your beautiful dress trailing behind you in the wind.

But the reality is there isn’t a Prince Charming for everyone.

As Valentine’s Day hits, mixed signals and emotions also hit the hallways… and Facebook for that matter.

“I hate Valentine’s Day,” sophomore Julia Skelly posts as her Facebook status.

Junior Sandy Pham posts, “Gotta LOVE Valentine’s Day!!”

And as Valentine’s Day is a debatable subject these days, so is the word love. Some believe in love at first sight, some don’t believe love exists. Some believe every boy you date you love, and some believe you only love once. Some believe in fate, and some believe in coincidence. Some believe the word is sacred, and some believe you should use it as much as possible. Some believe there is no such thing as love in high school, and some believe high school is where you can find your soul mate. So we come to the question… What is love?

“Love is so special for one reason. Because it’s the closest thing we have to magic. Only love heals all wounds and it doesn’t have a set definition because it means something different to everyone,
 sophomore Kaylee Crinston said.

“Everyone is going to mess up and everyone is going to make mistakes. Finding someone is going to make mistakes. Finding someone you love means finding someone you’re willing to forgive,” junior Jenna Diven said.

So whether you believe in love or despise it, this is the time of year that it’s in the air… and in the hallways, classroom, advertisements, media and social media sites. You can’t escape it so you either join in the excitement or revolt against it.