Galaxy Movie House and Eatery Debut

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

This weekend I attended the movie “Argo” at Four Points’ newest theater, The Galaxy Movie House and Eatery. Tickets to the theater where only $12 compared to the $25 I would have spent at the Ipic Theater at the Domain. When I arrived at the theater I was impressed by how comfortable the seats were. Not only were they padded leather chairs, but they were equipped with a full reclining option and a tray to eat your food.

The menu was long and consisted of many different types of food, ranging from pizza to shrimp to burgers, along with many appetizers and desserts. I arrived at the movie early so I could order my food before previews. I was hoping that this would limit the amount of interruptions throughout the film. However, I did not receive my food until the second half of the movie because my order was messed up four consecutive times before they finally got it right. When I did finally receive my pizza it was not fully cooked and still remained somewhat frozen in parts, and cost me an additional $15. The person next to me also received a messed up order when they brought him chicken instead of fish. Neither of us were offered refunds of any kind.

In summary I would rate the Galaxy high in terms of atmosphere and comfort but low in terms of service. After talking to the manager about the theater he said that they are still working through kinks in their service and on ways to speed up the delivery time of the meals.