Check Yes or No


Dani Siek, Staff Writer

High School Musical 3, 21 Jumpstreet, Footloose even Taylor Swift’s hit single “You Belong with Me” all have one major theme involved, prom.  Who says life can’t be like a movie or music video where you end up going with the girl or guy of your dreams?  Even if you did wait until the last minute, you can still win your date’s heart.  Out of ideas? Here are a few to get you thinking.

Guys seem to have the impression that girls wants to be asked in a super over the top way to prom, like a plane spelling out prom in the sky or something crazy.  This isn’t true at all for Junior Emily Hanna.  If you’re looking to snag her up for prom, the best way to get her attention would be decorating her room and writing prom on the mirror.

“I think that would just be so cute. But really any way he would come up with would be perfect,” Hanna said.

Asking someone to prom doesn’t have to be an extravagant event that costs loads of money.  Sometimes, simple truly is better.  Junior Sophia Duffield can attest to that. Sophomore Justin Hirschhorn surprised Duffield with a nice and simple sign that said “Prom?” hanging from a tree at a nice overlook at the lake. 

“I was so surprised! It was just so cute and perfect at the same time.  It took me a little while to see the sign but as soon as I did I said yes of course,” Duffield said.

 If you really want to make a statement, a bigger event is definitely more your speed. Yuron Shears dropped a huge sign saying, “Prom?” from the top of the stairs during school.  Of course Tressa Sagullo said “Yes.”

Not only are the girls getting creative, but Senior Cody Raven also has a few tricks up his sleeve.  How would he ask a girl to prom? Easy answer, he’d take a girl out on his boat and pull over to the spot where you can see the cliff right by his house.  Spelled out in fishing poles would be the word prom.

 “Fishing poles and a boat is way more my style than flowers and a card or something,” Raven said. 

Travis Terry also had a very public way of asking Kaylee Cranston to go to prom with him.  Terry spelled out prom in sticky notes he placed on her car.  Cranston also said “Yes.” 

Asking a girl to prom isn’t about having the greatest, most expensive idea.  It’s about choosing a way of asking that is special to the two of you.