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Twitter Tweeting Title

Twitter slowly began its takeover of our school last year and has now created hundreds of tweeting Vipers. People use Twitter for all different reasons. Whether to stalk your favorite celebrities, confess your drama in a 140 characters or less diary post, receive updates about school events from @VandegriftVoice (which you are all doing, am I right?) or merely laugh at the excessive tweeting of others, we are hooked by the hot, new social media site with its universal, little blue bird.

Once you can admit you are a Twitter Lover, the next step is admitting exactly which type of Tweeter you are: The Retweeter, The Every Single Thought That Comes into My Head Tweeter, The Quote Tweeter, The Sarcastic Tweeter, and The Heartfelt Tweeter. To help you determine exactly which one you are, students around the school have pleaded guilty to their tweeter titles and are beginning the steps to acceptance. Now it’s your turn.

Meet Abby Flickinger: The Retweeter

Flickinger doesn’t clog your newsfeed, but when she does, it’s not words of her own, it’s words of a witty Twitter account saying just what she wishes she would have come up with.

“My favorite account is probably Life of a Princess because it isn’t just another ‘problem’ account. I retweet it mainly because it’s what I would tweet if I were that clever,” Flickinger said.

Check out her list of tweets and you will see she loves to follow “So and So Problems” and “Total So and So Move,” accounts that either give you a little laugh or make you catch yourself nodding your head thinking just how true that is.

“I retweet a bunch of Sorry I’m Texan and Republican Girl Problems because they both emphasize southern values and talk about things I agree with,” Flickinger said.

But Flickinger does not only retweet famous accounts, she retweets fellow Vipers she believes shares the same mindset as her. Yes, that includes our very own Editor-in-Chief!

“I would most likely retweet the one and only Taylor Watson every time she showed up in my news feed if that was socially acceptable,” Flickinger said. “She has called me her ‘twitter soulmate’ and I can’t say I disagree.”

Meet Cameron Harris: The Every Single Thought That Comes Into My Head Tweeter

Harris may have a couple hundred more followers than you, but he also probably has a few thousand more tweets than you. Whether it’s telling his followers what he will have for breakfast or that his phone is dying, he will keep you updated on every aspect of his life so you don’t miss a second of what’s going on inside his head.

“I constantly have thoughts throughout the day and I’m always on my phone, so I might as well tweet!” Harris said.

Harris confessed to having nearly 10,000 tweets not only because he loves to vent, but because sometimes, he just gets bored.

“I don’t really say much in person so I tweet nearly everything,” Harris said. “And I honestly do learn a lot from people on Twitter.”

Meet Katy Gallien: The Quote Tweeter

Gallien’s followers can tell exactly what kind of mood she is in by the lyrics or inspirational quotes she has tweeted. She posts quotes that speak the words of her heart or the message she’s trying to get across to a specific follower. So read carefully, Gallien may just be talking directly to you.

“I like quotes that inspire me or pertain to my life at that moment. Sometimes I write them to a certain person in hopes that they’ll see it and know it was for them,” Gallien said.

Twitter is more than a social networking site for Gallien, it’s a place to open up to those who care to listen… or read, in this case.

“I would say Twitter is mostly a place where I can vent and get my point across to someone who cares,” Gallien said.

Meet George McClure: The Sarcastic Tweeter

McClure claims to be one of the first Vipers to create a Twitter account. It’s said that with experience comes wisdom, but in his case, with Twitter experience comes sarcasm.

“I got Twitter like two years ago, before anyone I knew had it… like a hipster. When all my friends got Twitter I thought, ‘This is going to end up like a super lame version of Myspace or Facebook,’” McClure said. “I didn’t want to see a bunch of ‘I’m eating breakfast right now xD!’ tweets, which is why I try to tweet whatever is funny, or at least mildly entertaining.”

If you are looking for a good laugh out loud, check out McClure’s feed filled with everything from political jokes to how bad his “senioritis” disease has become.

“Nobody cares if you’re eating breakfast, but people love to have a good chuckle,” McClure said.

Meet Jenna Mertz: The Heartfelt Tweeter

Mertz may love social media sites, but Twitter is definitely at the top of her list. With over 12,000 tweets, you may think she would begin to repeat herself, but Mertz keeps individuality and true emotion in every word.

“Twitter is a place for me to vent,” Mertz said. “I like to quote a lot because a lot of people who follow me are the people the tweets are directed towards.”

With so much emotion, it is inevitable Mertz must vent somewhere. Even though it may be subtle or hidden behind the quote of someone else, her heartfelt emotions show through.

“A lot of what I say is really personal to me and that comes out a lot on Twitter,” Mertz said. 

Did you retweet Harris’ tweet about his interview for this article? Or did you tweet every thought that ran through your mind while reading this? Did you tweet a quote from this article? Or did you sarcastically tweet about how dumb the Sarcastic Tweeter is? Or did you even vent about how this really spoke to your heart?

Diagnose yourself, before your followers begin to diagnose you.

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