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The Perfect Gift

Everyone knows the holidays are about giving more than receiving, but when it comes to close friends and family, the perfect gift is hard to find. Year after year and trend after trend everyone wants to give a gift to be remembered. But year after year givers seem to be dry of ideas, here you will find a list of fresh ideas and classic ones- perfect for anyone.

Parents: a tie for dad and a picture frame for mom were acceptable when we were younger, but as we mature, so do (or should) the nature of our gifts.


  1. At this point in our lives, parents are practically begging to spend time with us. For years board games have brought the family closer together with laughter and competiveness, this classic idea is a winner for any family. Target has a wide selection of games for every age, but Scattegories and Catch Phrase are always winners for around $20.
  2. Sure a picture frame is a generous gift, but any mom would be blown away with a photo scrapbook. These days online photo books are easy to make and inexpensive. Check out which features photo books starting at $15 for this crafty idea.
  3.  All dads feel like all they do is shell out money. So of course you want what holds their cash to be perfect. A new wallet could be right up your father’s alley this year. Dillard’s always has a plethora of men’s wallets to choose from. This gift could get on the expensive side, but this store offers a variety of price levels.


“I just ask my parents for their sizes and what they need or want,” senior Jenna Rosbrook said. “And if that fails, I just assume they will love whatever I get them. They have to, right?”


Your best friend has everything, or seems like it. So what on earth do you get him or her?


  1. All girls love clothes, especially when they don’t pay for them. But try something original that she wouldn’t usually buy herself. The Hill Country Galleria has boutique style stores such as Fab’ric, Apricot Lane, Francesca’s and Oh Yeah; any of these stores are perfect for a Christmas gift. Francesca’s has dresses and skirts for prices anywhere from $20-$50, fine for any budget.
  2. Whether his sport is golf, football, video gaming or lacrosse, Dick’s will have something for him. With items on sale all the time, you’re sure to find something he will love. This week, many men’s Nike items, including sweatpants and sweatshirts, are 25% off.
  3. Sometimes gift cards get a bad rap for being impersonal. But, if done right, the gift card can be the best gift.  Gift certificates to restaurants promote spending time with your friend as well as eating- which everyone loves. Try a restaurant your friend does not usually go to. The Galaxy Café, located downtown(ish) is fairly priced and delicious -the perfect place to eat with a close friend.


“For my friends, I usually get something they love in a store when we are shopping,” freshman Lauren O’Mally said. “Or I get them something they keep saying they really want.”


The boyfriend/girlfriend is the hardest to shop for. Chocolates and teddy bears don’t cut it anymore. But, how far is too far to go for the perfect gift?


  1. It seems that around here, Polo is the brand all boys want to get their hands on. But Polo makes more than T-shirts. Try out a wallet or another product by the brand. To all the bargain hunters, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx always carry Polo at discounted prices- button downs run around $30, polo’s sell for around $30 and jackets for $50.
  2. Girls are harder to shop for, if she is picky with clothes, do not even try it. Stick to the basics. All girls love jewelry. James Avery carries many beautiful charms, rings, and other high quality items for anywhere from $20-75. Check to see if she has a charm bracelet- as many girls do. If not a necklace is something she will cherish forever. With locations at the Hill Country Galleria and Barton Creek Mall there is bound to be something for her there.

And with any gift, always include a card. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. And letting your significant other know just how you feel about him or her this holiday season could be the perfect gift.

“People buy gifts to show their appreciation for the other person. It shows gratitude and courtesy. You pick them out based on what other people like and want,” junior Weston Blynn said. “And you have to pick out a gift that will truly mean something to the other person.”

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