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The online student newspaper of Vandegrift High School

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The online student newspaper of Vandegrift High School

Vandegrift Voice


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Making The Most Of High School: A Bucket List


High school seems like it drags on for decades in a blur of homework, drama and stressing over GPA’s and colleges. Then, in the blink of an eye, high school is over, and no one wants to leave with regrets. Students should take advantage of the time that they have here and try to make these four years the best that they can be.

“You really have to appreciate what you have here in your circle of friends, because it takes a long time to form these types of bonds with people after high school,” Algebra teacher Mr. Conner said.

  • With all of the pressure students are facing from school, it can be beneficial to take a break and try something exciting.

“Have fun a little, but have good morals. It’s important to have a balance between your social life and academics. Students sometimes focus too much on academics, it’s important to make sure you’re having fun as well,” Pre-Cal teacher Ms. Sanders said.

  • There are many ways to have fun in school as well, and students can take the opportunities that are offered, such as sports and clubs.

 “Definitely get involved in something. You make new friends, and different types of friends. It helps you fit in,” junior Lauren Ethington said.

  •  Vandegrift also provides students with the ability to make their own clubs and activities. Because Vandegrift is a new school, students have the chance to shape it to fit their expectations.

 “Start traditions, make this school how you want it to be,” senior Glenda Radtke said.

  • There are several ways to show your spirit and support the school, and taking part in football games and pep rallies can show you how much fun high school can be.

“Actually participate in school functions – go to every football game, get excited during the pep rallies. It can be really fun,” senior Cole Salazar said.

  • High school is full of both academic and social challenges, but it is important to stay focused, and not let the little things get the best of you.

“Don’t waste your time having pity parties. Stay positive; when someone knocks you down, get back up,” junior Deedee Woche said.

  • Academics are a constant struggle as well. As early as freshman year students begin loading up on Pre AP and summer courses, hoping to get ahead for the future.

“Take advantage of the advanced classes, they help you get ready for college,” senior Alejandro Santillana said.

  • With the added work of more challenging classes, getting organized is the key to keep from falling behind.

“Never procrastinate. You fall so far behind so fast. Just do your work and stay organized,” junior Piyushi Bishnoi said.

  • By staying organized and getting your work done, you can make time for what high school is really about – enjoying life, before you have to get serious about college.

“Go on a road trip. Just get all of your friends and go, just you and them. Even if it’s only an hour away and you have to call your parents every two hours, just enjoy life for a little while,” English teacher Ms. Wood said.

  • Take advantage of seeing your friends every day. Before you know it, you’ll be living in different cities, meeting new people and forming new relationships. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a memory with your high school friends.  
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