Summer Slowly Slips Away, Bringing Fall Fashion, Festivities and Fun . . . But Not Temperatures


Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

Fall may not officially start until September 23rd, but for some, Labor Day triggers the unofficial end of summer. The Voice brings you detailed fall coverage ranging from fashion to television. Click on the links within to read more detailed coverage of each topic.

Summer may be coming quickly to an end, but with temperatures still hitting triple digits, fall may be coming too soon for some.

“Fall should start in early October because it finally starts to cool down and people start thinking about the holidays,” sophomore Ellie Connell said.

It can be hard to get in the spirit of fall with such hot days. Stores have already started placing their fall collections on display; coats and sweaters have replaced shorts in the front rows of many stores. Popular department stores like Nordstrom have started advertising their fall collections, while others show off a wide selection of homecoming dresses—a sure sign of fall. Sale sections at stores such as Forever 21, Macys and Urban Outfitters are filled with tees and tanks, and new arrivals consist of long sleeved shirts and sweaters. For a fall fashion trend report, visit

“I begin shopping for fall fashion in mid-September. Retailers should begin displaying fall clothes in September,” Valerie Schroeder, freshman, said.

Starbucks began advertising their pumpkin spice latte, which became available on September 6th. This seasonal item usually marks the end of summer for Starbucks. Coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts has begun promoting their seasonal fall items, including Pumpkin coffees and donuts and apple-flavored drinks. Love a pumpkin spice latte? Read about other exclusive fall events at

“Autumn is a nostalgic time of year, as cooler temperatures and changing leaves evoke fond memories of family and the beloved scent and taste of seasonal flavors such as pumpkin and apple,” Stan Frankenthaler, Dunkin’ Brands Executive Chef and Vice President of Product Innovation, said. However, for those of us still battling record heat, we’re still waiting to feel that nostalgia.


Spirit Halloween, a seasonal costume store, will begin opening stores up in September to prepare for the Halloween season in October. 

“Depending on the complexity of the costume, Halloween stores should begin opening up in August so that the people who place an importance on Halloween can start preparing early. If you just want a last minute costume, shopping for it just a few weeks in advance is fine,” junior Charlotte Calvin.

Other events also signal the end of summer. Austin City Limits, a fall festival, begins of September 16th. New fall concerts have begun, and the rollout of new fall TV shows means the end of summer filler shows. The season premiere of shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, the Vampire Diaries and Modern Family may help students feel like it’s fall. For more on this season’s most anticipated television premieres, visit

Who can forget the other unofficial end of summer? The beginning of school should have marked the time when the leaves changed color and the weather cooled down. As of now, however, we are stuck in a semi-fall world—with fall trends springing up alongside hot weather and a blazing sun.

“To me, fall means it isn’t hot anymore. The start of the football season and the color-changing leaves are signifiers that summer is over,” Julia Ribero, junior, said.