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NBA Lockout Concluded, Season Begins Christmas Day

The NBA lockout has finally concluded. For five months, the owners and players of the NBA were deadlocked in negotiations with no real hope of compromise in sight. Fortunately, November 26th, 2011 was the glorious end to such an absurd lockout. It was the day NBA owners and players reached a tentative agreement to end the lockout.

Most recently, the NBPA re-formed as a union on December 1st, and December 8th was the day the new collective bargaining agreement was ratified.

July 1st, 2011 was a maddening and attention grabbing day for many fans of the NBA. This day was the start of the 2011 NBA lockout; the fourth lockout in the history of the NBA. This particular lockout was based on the revenue sharing and the salary cap of the professional players in this league.

Not only was the lockout detrimental to many serious fans, but it was also heart wrenching for most members and players of the league. Holding off the NBA impacts the emotions and lives of these players. The lockout caused players to sign with teams overseas, but now that the lockout has ended, most players will be back in time to play their first game of the season.

For many players, the reason they gave up on the NBA and argued over the revenue was because the amount of money they get paid. On average, players of the NBA make about $5 million a year, which is the same as spending $96,523 every week for a year. 

 “I think the players were being babies. They already get more than enough in the first place. They shouldn’t be asking for more,” junior Gene McDonald said.

On November 15th, the NBA officially canceled all games through December 15th. Also, players filed antitrust lawsuits against the NBA in California and Minnesota federal courts.

 “I missed the NBA more than I thought I would. Me and my brother would always watch the Celtics play ever week, and I am honestly surprised that the lockout lasted this long. I’m so glad that it’s back, and I can’t wait to see the Celtics play on Christmas Day,” junior Nelishah Dhukka said.

So much time has already been taken off the season, but now, NBA fans can’t wait for anything else but to see their favorite teams play. No matter what has gone on in the past few months, we need to stand up and show that we can’t wait until Christmas Day for the first few games of the season. Let basketball begin! 


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