Overcrowded Buses

Emma-Rose Floyd, Staff Writer

Three to a seat, kids sitting in the walk ways, you are being squished between a window and someone you’ve only seen in passing once or twice. These are all problems that come with overcrowded buses.
I should know; I’ve ridden the bus home almost every day this semester. And personally, I don’t enjoy being shoved into a window and someone else putting their bag, purse, and musical instrument in the compact space between us. It has been such a problem that I have even turned to counting down the minutes until my stop. My bus driver has requested a bigger bus, but to no avail.
The question is, why? Why would it be so difficult to receive a bigger bus, simply so that students do not have to sit in the aisles anymore? Why don’t we break the route up into two different buses? We may never get a straight answer, but it would be beneficial for all the students who brave through the ride home every day to have one.
Whatever the reason, it is a no-brainer that students shouldn’t have to sit on each other’s heads for an hour or more every day. So for the sake of sanity and safety, why can’t we have bigger buses?