Android vs. iPhone: What Phone Is For You?

Danielle Docherty

David Goodman, Staff Writer

With the many features included on it, the smart phone has proven to be a convenient way for people to get things done in a timely manner. Apple fans still wait in line at an Apple store waiting for the release of their newest iPhone. The Android emerged on the scene and seems to be the biggest competitor for the iPhone, but which one is better?

The interface on the Android has a lot of stuff you can do on the menus, depending on which Android phone you have. It also has widgets which allow you to see more stuff at a glance. However, its complex nature could be troublesome to first-time smart phone users. The iPhone provides a much more simple interface (the iPhone 4S has IOS 5) that makes it clean and easy to use.

One of the complaints about the Phone 4S is that the screen size is the same as the iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4S screen has a higher resolution and it is brighter than most of the Android phones. The Android has a bigger screen, which makes it great for watching movies and doesn’t force you to zoom in as much when it comes to reading text.

The multi-touch keyboard on the iPhone 4S allows the user to type more quickly and with more accuracy, despite being on a smaller screen. The Android keyboards can vary from each maker, but the Android has a physical keyboard and you can also download third party keyboards off of the Android market.

The iPhone web speeds are run by AT&T, but they are no match for the 4G speeds on the Android; everything runs much faster on an Android which can be very convenient for users. But the 4G speeds can also drain its battery life pretty fast.

The camera on the iPhone 4S can capture sharp and smooth 1080P video and its photo quality is improved with new optics and a backlight illuminated sensor. The Android, however, offers a lot more control of your images, with more features to edit your photos such as a panorama mode and a burst shot mode.

The Android is starting to catch up with the iPhone is terms in the number of apps available. Both also seem to stock in more of the same stuff, like Angry Birds, but the iPhone has a lot more high quality games, like Infinity Blade, as well as apps that come first or are exclusive to the iPhone.

The iPhone 4S has Siri, the voice-controlled app that can help you with anything you need for example sending messages. The iPhone has a lot more content then the Android and it has iTunes which allows you to download and play your favorite songs.

In a battle of smart phones, the iPhone proves to be the most convenient when it comes to choices, with Siri, a simple interface and a multi touch keyboard. The Android is catching up despite the problems mentioned before, but if you want a more simple and convenient way to get things done, buy the iPhone. If you want faster web speeds and more features, go with the Android.