Viper Community Participates in Race for the Cure

Priyunka Maheshwari, Feature Editor

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be ending soon, but Vandegrift students and teachers continue to spread awareness with a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure team. The Vandegrift Viper Community team will race in downtown Austin on Nov. 4 to raise money and support for those living with breast cancer.

“Our goal is to be the biggest high school team,” Mrs. Mulligan, who helped organize the team, said. “People should participate because unfortunately everyone is affected by cancer in some way during their life. We can be the change.”

The event will have a rolling start so that members can show up when they want to, and efforts to volunteer and raise money are also appreciated. Those who do not wish to run are not required to. By joining the team online, members can solicit donations and pledge money to fund research and treatments. The first member to join the team was freshman Elise Harais, who encourages others to join as well.

“It’s a really important cause that’s sentimental to me,” Harais said. “I hope to make this a yearly thing. It brings the community closer together.”

Almost everyone can find a reason to join the team, with many running for their family members, friends and neighbors. Vandegrift science teacher Mrs. Eustice is currently in remission for breast cancer and serves as a source of inspiration for others to be a part of the cure. As team captain, she is in charge of organizing the Vandegrift Viper Community team and its fundraising efforts.

“I’m very excited because I am a breast cancer survivor,” Mrs. Eustice said. “This is an important cause and we have a good Vandegrift turnout, but everyone should sign up.”