Superior Bands Receive Superior Ratings

Megan Pharr

Danielle Docherty, Sports Editor and Opinions Editor

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The Viper Band is the only program in Central Texas to have Division 1 Superior Ratings awarded to all four Concert Bands at the UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest.

“Mr. Paper, Mr. Howard, and myself could not have been more proud of the students performances at the contest and the professional manner in which they acted both before, after the contest,” Director of Bands Jeremy Spicer said.

The band has been preparing the entire spring semester in class, before and after school rehearsals and  individual practice for this one competition. These students have had firm goals and expectations put in place at the beginning of the year that they continued to uphold.

“We wanted sweepstakes… which is receiving straight 1’s. But our main goal was to perform to the best that we could,” junior clarinet player Kelly Schriner said.

The band students focus on Musical Artistry, Excellence, Quality, Hard Work, Determination, Decency, Respect and Support in order to achieve their goals, and even exceed them.

“We pushed ourselves really hard the past three years and exceed others’ expectations of us,” Schriner said.

The Wind Ensemble performed Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral, Jai’ ête au bal and The Circus Bees as their stage music.

“I love our music. It’s exciting and emotion inspiring,” Schriner said.

They then went on to the second half of the competition where they sight read music.

“It [competition] was nerve-racking, but we worked really hard so we just wanted to do our best,” junior percussionist Rachel Klein said.

Although the week was filled with anxious and nervous waiting, the entire band showed support to one another. They cheered each other on and filled the band hall with good luck signs.

“I love band because it is a great support system,” Schriner said.

This band is more than just a group of individual students who play together, but a family of Vipers who are second to none.

“We are second to none because we don’t just do it for the band, but for each other. And to show other bands if we can do it, they can do it too,” Klein said.