College Corner: Housing

Danielle Docherty, Sports Editor and Opinions Editor

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Early admissions deadlines and scholarship deadlines for most colleges have come to a close and admission offices are working long hours reading applications and making decisions on who will and will not be attending their school next fall. Many students who were automatic admission or applied early have received acceptance letters… and yes, even denial letters. Most of these students have already committed to attend the college they were accepted to and are figuring out living arrangements and finances for next year.

If you are one of these students who has been accepted to the university of your choice and have committed to attending there next fall, it is time to start applying for housing.

Visit the college’s housing website and look at the different halls and apartments available for next year. If you have the chance, visit your college’s housing and have a college tour guide show you around. The tour guide will be able to give you tips and the inside scoop on what dorm is right for you.

Most colleges require students to live on campus for their first year and if the school does not, consider still living on campus so that you can really get the feel of a true college experience. Living on campus your first year is important so that you can get to know the campus and make friends. Picking a dorm and rooming with someone you don’t know may be scary, but it is also a very exciting time. The person you room with or the other students in your hall may end up becoming some of your best friends.

Make sure to apply for housing on the college’s website as soon as you have made a final decision because dorms fill up fast and you do not want to end up stuck in a place you don’t want to be living. 

 But if you are the one of many who have still not applied for college, it’s not too late. Regular admission deadlines are coming to a close within the next few months so check your college’s website to find out when you need to get your application in by and have the guidance counselors at school and the admissions officers at the college help you get it all out on time and before the deadline!