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Vandegrift, Four Points Traffic Seems Irresolvable, Frustrates Drivers

 Since August 22, students, faculty, and parents have all faced the traffic outside of Vandegrift. This bumper to bumper traffic extends throughout 2222, 620 and McNeil. The amount of congestion on the streets has caused students to get up earlier and to receive tardies in their first period class. It has become a challenge to get to school in under an hour, and will continue to be unless a solution is found.

LISD Board of Trustees member and Vandegrift parent Pam Waggoner believes that the congestion originates from a variety of problems. First, there is only one entrance to the high school. Secondly, the similar starting time with Four Points Middle School combined with morning rush hour creates an excessive number of cars on the road at the same time.

Community and board members have discussed a number of ideas that could fix the problem. A possible solution considered by the district was to negotiate with 3M to allow students to use the back road to get to school. 3M refused all the district’s offers. However, Leander ISD has continued to work towards a resolution by informing the City Council and TxDot (Texas Department of Transportation) of the district’s needs in hopes that they will issue future grants or road construction to benefit the students.

“We need to continue to work with TxDot and solicit funds for projects on the drawing board which can help out traffic situation,” Waggoner said. “Also, the community needs to be active with local elected officials and TxDot employees and keep our needs fresh on their minds at all times.”

Waggoner encourages students to carpool in order to decrease the number of cars on the road, and for the community and students to contribute their ideas at board meetings.

Vandegrift students have felt the hassle of getting to school on time, including junior Deedee Woche, whose father drives her to school. Woche explains that taking the bus is not an option, not only because it is uncomfortable and noisy but because it takes her longer to get to school.

“I leave early in the morning at around 7:30,” Woche said. “We beat the traffic, and it takes forever if I take the bus.”

Students who drive experience the same problems.

“I come from Steiner, so the traffic is really bad. Sometimes if it’s really backed up on 620, I’ll take the road to go to the Oasis and cut through and go up Bullick Hollow to get through. Traffic is just awful in the morning,” senior Suzie Cavanaugh sad.

“I drive to school in the morning, but my traffic is less because I come from Volente so I get to take 620. I only have to wait in a short line. If I time it perfectly, like if I leave at 8:00, it takes 45 minutes to get to school. If I leave at 8:15, I still get here on time,” senior Glenda Radtke said.

Senior Lauren Smith drives to school every day, and also believes that the traffic presents a challenge. Although Smith lives on 2222 on Riverplace, it takes her around 25 minutes waiting in line to turn left onto McNeil.

“Underclassmen should definitely ride the bus or get a ride with a sibling because they are the biggest class and a lot of them get tides to school so they play a big part in the traffic issue,” Smith said.

A positive can be elicited from the situation there can be more quality time between parents and students for those who get driven.

“If parents can drop kids off a little earlier, you can miss the morning traffic. I am not sure their much encouragement that I can offer other than it gives a parent and child extra time to talk and be together,” Waggoner said. “The teenager may not be excited by this, but as a parent, it is another opportunity to talk.”

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