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A trip to California

Zoe Dowley, Feature Editor

March 28, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Students travel near and far to go on vacation during Spring Break. Everyone tries to have as much fun as possible while enjoying the last full week out of school before summer. This year, I went to California for 10 days, flyi...

SAT Before and After: How to Survive

Ashley Chase, Assistant News Editor

March 11, 2016

Filed under Opinions

For every junior the prospect of standardized test scores is looming. The second semester brings a flurry of SATs, ACTs, and the potential for scholarships, and the stakes have never been higher. These test scores can determine...

The TMEA experience

The TMEA experience

February 22, 2016

G for Google, G for Godhood

February 22, 2016

College visits: University of Alabama and Ole Miss

Kate Murphy, Staff Writer

February 12, 2016

Filed under Opinions, Top Stories

Being in the home stretch of my senior year I thought that it would be a good idea to go visit my top two schools to try and help me decide where to attend college next year. I am looking at the University of Alabama and the ...

Theatre creates a student directing program

Alaina Galasso, Editor-In-Chief

February 10, 2016

Filed under Opinions

This year, the theatre program decided to add a new aspect: student directors. Various high schools across the district have these directing programs and therefore influenced Vandegrift’s theatre directors to create the same. C...

Europe’s Winters

Johnny Morreale, Staff Writer

January 29, 2016

Filed under Opinions

In a word, the Middle East is chaotic. Egypt, after only the briefest period of hope and freedom, has sunk back into a military dictatorship. Libya is mired in another civil war; Iraq is practically three separate countries, and ...

Education takes its turn for the worst

Jasmine Moreno, Lifestyles/Reviews/Entertainment editor

January 4, 2016

Filed under Opinions

For years the government has worked to come up with a balanced way of accommodating students with special needs. Unfortunately, not all teachers are experienced enough with students that have disabilities. Although they have the training...

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