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The dazzling year of the dragon: Students on celebrating Chinese New Year

Rylie Lockerman
Dragon dance festival

Delicious aromas of hot meals, bright colors of red and gold, and the comfort of family is what makes Chinese New Year so special for those who celebrate. The holiday is mostly celebrated by East Asian countries, however many still indulge in its traditions.  This year is the year of the dragon, symbolizing prosperity and unity. Chinese New Year dates back to the Shang Dynasty, with early traditions including rituals to worship ancestors and the gods. 

For each lunar new year, an animal is assigned to the upcoming year. There are a total of 12 Chinese zodiac signs that cycle through the years, bringing a new yearly goal for those who choose to follow the tradition. Due to this year being the sign of the dragon, according to East Asian tradition, those born under this year and all previous dragon years are lively and intellectual. 

Despite the history and ancient traditions, Chinese New Year is a time to be spent with family and friends. The holiday is a perfect opportunity to surround yourself with loved ones to ring in a successful year. Festivals with bright colors and unique traditions that vary from family are what make this holiday loved by many around the world. 

“For Chinese New Year my family typically hosts a big dinner, we [also] order a lot of food from authentic Chinese restaurants.” said junior Cameron Hong.

Food is an essential part of Chinese New Year. With many dishes ranging from crunchy, savory spring rolls to the rich, unique taste of century eggs. Food also symbolizes many things for the holiday. Noodles represent living a long life while fish symbolizes abundance. Even the amount of dishes has significance, it is said that eight dishes will bring wealth for the new year.

“Typically dishes would vary from lots of meats and vegetables,” said Hong. 

When many think of Chinese New Year, their mind travels to the great amount of money stored in bright red envelopes with stunning golden engraving of meaningful symbols usually given to children. The envelope of wealth is called ya sui qian, and is given by the elderly to the young. Those who receive the money will be promised a safe and peaceful year. This tradition is loved by many, especially those receiving the cash.   

“[My favorite part is] the big dinner with my family. I also like getting money from my grandparents.” said Hong. 

Chinese New Year is a holiday with rich cultural significance and tradition that has been passed down by generations. With many more years to come, the love and admiration for this holiday by those who celebrate it will continue on.

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Renee Crotty, Staff Reporter
Renee Crotty is a junior and is thrilled to be in her first year of the Voice. Outside of school she enjoys music, hanging out with family and friends and going out on the weekends.
Rylie Lockerman
Rylie Lockerman, Editor
Rylie Lockerman is a Senior and is beyond excited to serve on the editorial board as the multimedia editor for her second year on staff. Apart from newspaper, she participates in Student council, theater, and National English Honor Society. In her free time, Rylie enjoys writing scripts/books, painting, listening to pop and alternative music, and watching Friends.

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