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Mildred Sloan (Madison Sparta) squabbles with family over the phone.
Battle of the in-laws: Theater presents ‘Squabbles’
January 27, 2023

Under a bickering household, a quarrel ensues where the beauty and the brawn battle it out through a...

PB & Poll: Vandy’s Peanut Butter Preferences
PB & Poll: Vandy’s Peanut Butter Preferences
January 24, 2023

On average, each American eats three pounds of peanut butter per year. On top of that, two former American...


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Students experiencing new fields of interest through internships and research.
Charging into medicine: Students explore medical opportunities
January 24, 2023

The opportunity to learn and gain experience can be an eye-opening experience for students. Many students interested in a profession in the medical...

Ethan Sarwar, founder of Stemplified utilizes knowledge that his organization provides to network within STEM and land a surgical internship.
Breaking barriers in business, STEM
January 17, 2023

Refugee children lean in to watch vinegar drop into a model volcano and widen their eyes eagerly in anticipation for the explosion they’ve watched in...

Wrestler competes in wrestle off in November
Wrestling takes historic place at tournament over break
January 5, 2023

Over winter break, the wrestling team traveled to Allen, TX to compete in the ‘Outlaw Tournament’. This was the first time since 2020 that Vipers competed...

Truly timeless: The Truman Show
Truly timeless: The Truman Show
Seiya Mutreja, Staff Reporter • January 18, 2023
As 2023 begins, we give thanks to some of our favorite reads of 2022.
Editor Reflection: Books that shaped our year
Abby Lincks, Yness Martinez, and Isabel Young January 11, 2023
On Nov. 23 Tim Burton released the phenomenal series Wednesday reaching more than 150 million streams.
'Wednesday': A killer series
Rylie Lockerman, Staff Reporter • January 10, 2023
Fast 5 with junior yearbook editor Kylie Pucong
Fast 5 with junior yearbook editor Kylie Pucong
Yness Martinez, Editor • January 13, 2023

How long have you been on yearbook? This will be my second year on staff. I took journalism my freshman...

E-Sports competes in largely online multiplayer competitive games and is sponsored by Elle LeBlanc.
Fast 5 with E-Sports member sophomore Selena Xu
December 26, 2022

Why did you join E-Sports? I really like playing video games. The whole community is nice to be with as well. What do you do in E-Sports?...

The ViperBots work on their robots during class and after school as well as on weekends, traveling to various competitions, including one in California this year.
Fast 5 with ViperBots' junior Cameron Hong
December 19, 2022

What's your role in Viper Bots? I am on 12596 Copperhead. What are ViperBots? ViperBots is an organization where we build robots to...

Students use their computers to complete work in class. With the rise of AI cheating, teachers are reconsidering how to ensure the legitimacy of students work.
A cheat for the future: Rise of AI technology causes cheating concerns for teachers
Julia Bychowski, Staff Reporter • January 20, 2023

A blank Google document with ten minutes until the due date is normally cause for clammy hands and rapid knee bouncing. However, as the clock...

Butter than the rest: Vandy’s favorite popcorn flavor
Butter than the rest: Vandy’s favorite popcorn flavor
January 19, 2023

The first commercial popcorn machine was invented by Charles Cretors in 1885. Nebraska produces around 250 million pounds of popcorn every year,...

Austin Animal Center is located at 7201 Levander Loop, Austin, TX 78702. They are a municipal shelter for Austin and unincorporated Travis County.
Despite efforts at Austin Animal Center, high shelter demand requires community engagement
December 23, 2022

The Austin Animal Center (AAC) provides shelter to thousands of animals each year, regardless of species, breed, health, behavior, or age. But...

Winter Wonderband Formal Photo Gallery
Winter Wonderband Formal Photo Gallery
December 14, 2022

Winter WonderBand was a band social event hosted on December 10th by the social officer team. Over 300 students attended and they spent their...

Seniors Brayden Buchanan and Hudson Lilie try to enjoy the moment as they face their families, friends, and fans one last time.
GALLERY: 6A DII State Varsity Football Championship
December 19, 2022

Madi Hsieh signed with Columbia University, Class of 27, and committed to Division I volleyball
Volleyball player commits to Columbia
November 18, 2022

In 4th grade, senior Madi Hseih didn’t ever think that she would ever play collegiate Division I volleyball. She had always believed she would...

Sanchez completed the signing ceremony to Notre Dame on Wednesday
State XC champion signs to Notre Dame
November 11, 2022

If senior Kevin Sanchez could be any superhero, it would be The Flash– an unnecessary wish, considering that as of Friday, he’s already been...

Isabel is Editor in Chief, a senior and this is her fourth year on the newspaper staff. She also participates in UIL Journalism and is the president of the Literary Journal club. In her spare time, she
Seiya Mutreja
Seiya Mutreja
Staff Reporter
Seiya Mutreja is a junior and this is her second year in the Viper Voice. Outside of school she loves to bake, play piano and guitar, and read.
Abigail Lincks is Editor in Chief, a senior & thrilled to be an editor of the Vandegrift Voice. Aside from newspaper, she's the president of book club. In her free time, she usually reads, listens