Students enjoy themed games and fun in the student section. At Monroe Stadium, etiquette inside the student section is freshmen in the back and seniors in the front.
Students enjoy themed games and fun in the student section. At Monroe Stadium, etiquette inside the student section is freshmen in the back and seniors in the front.
Karina Brown

Protect the PIT: Administrators implement rules to make football games safe

On local, district, and state levels, school administrators and government officials work hard to make sure that sports games are as safe and supportive as possible. On campus, assistant principals work to make fall football games comfortable and cautious for students, spectators, staff, and athletes. For the upcoming season, there are both new and old rules enforced to ensure safety at Monroe Stadium.

“We as an admin team don’t come up with rules for football games, or the experience that fans have in the stands,” assistant principal Collin Fletcher said.

Administrators receive rules from district athletics, which sets the standards for all sports games in LISD. Through these means, Fletcher and other assistant principals are able to govern football games and enforce new rules when necessary in compliance with district policy. 

“This obviously doesn’t come from us, but no amplified speakers during games,” Fletcher said. “In the past, our yell leaders have been able to communicate and play music using speakers to amp up the crowd, however this year, they cannot do that.”

During games, the use of speakers was a distraction on the field and to the game play, so starting this school year, students will no longer be able to use amplified speakers as spectators in respect to the athletes, parents, and coaches. 

“No drugs or alcohol or being under the influence at games, we can’t have that in the stadium and students who break that rule will be removed from the game,” Fletcher said.  

Our goal is for everyone to have a great time at the game. Obviously, no baby powder is allowed

— Mr. Fletcher

In 2022, students at the white out game against Cedar Park were asked to leave Gupton Stadium and evacuate the student section. The reason for the mass exodus was the inappropriate use of baby powder and cornstarch by students, which led multiple spectators to seek medical assistance. Administration wants students to remain respectful of themselves, their school community, and the opposition.  Student safety is the number one priority at football games according to Fletcher. 

“In years past, we have had our yell leaders on ladders to lead chants in the student section,” Fletcher said.  “We have been asked to not do that and so we are going to have to enforce that rule, but Mr. Little ordered a platform to elevate our yell leaders, yet still keep them safe.”

Despite these changes to the experience in the stands, students such as senior Ellen Nash have not noticed a decrease in atmosphere, enjoyment, or gameplay. In fact, Nash describes the stands as electric and enjoys her time in the student section.

“I had a really great time at the game, the atmosphere was amazing and games are always so fun,” Nash said. 

 This coming Friday, Vandegrift will face off against Waco Midway at Crusader Stadium in Belton, TX. Students are being asked to show up loud, proud, and in tie dye as the football team fights to defend their 3-0 record. However, in the midst of the chaos and craze, safety will remain the priority at this game and every game. 

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