8th Grade Pep Rally; Seniors final performence

Sarah McKelvy, Staff Reporter

Senior Maya Vigil talks about her feelings on her final dance performance at Vandegrift and the incoming freshman class.

What was the pep rally today about?

The Pep rally was about welcoming the 8th graders to the Vandegrift community and just showing them everything that the school has to offer.

How did you participate in the pep rally?

I participated as a part of the Vision Dance Company. We performed some stand tunes with the band and then we also performed our full company jazz routine to “Get Ready.”

What was your favorite part of the pep rally?

My favorite part was seeing my friends all around the gym during the pep rally. Some of my friends were in the band, Pals, and especially my friends on Vision. Just enjoying that last bit of community before I leave the school.

What do you think Vandegrift has to offer that the 8th graders are going to be excited about?

Speaking as someone on Vision, Vandegrift has a lot of opportunities related to the marching band and Vision. Besides that, as Mr. Little was saying, the amount of activities available related to clubs, education, other extracurriculars and athletics at our school is unparalleled.

What advise do you think incoming freshman should know for their first day of school?

I’d say take it slow. The transition from middle school is going to feel different and overwhelming but you get used to it.

Are you sad to be leaving Vandegrift?

Yes I am a little sad. I think I’m going to miss the band program especially because of the friends I have made here but I am excited for new opportunities in college.