‘Wednesday’: A killer series



On Nov. 23 Tim Burton released the phenomenal series ‘Wednesday’ reaching more than 150 million streams.

Rylie Lockerman, Editor

On Nov. 23, Netflix released one of the most popular series on its platform of 2022, gaining over 150 million streamers. This surprisingly comedic, supernatural series flawlessly encapsulates the woes of iconic Addams family daughter, Wednesday. As director and executive producer, Tim Burton contributed his usual gothic elements into the plot whilst including just enough intrigue to make “Wednesday” one of the highest anticipated shows of the year. After finishing the series in a span of two days, I can say it certainly met my expectations.

After causing delinquency at her previous school, Wednesday is forced to attend Nevermore Academy; a school filled with outsiders similar to herself. In this academy, she faces her greatest pleasure- malevolent mischief. But, she is soon greeted with her biggest weakness- emotion. When she discovers a mystery in her town, she makes no hesitation to involve herself in the investigation, leading her to newfound relationships. 

Following the long line of adaptations beginning from the 1964 “The Addams Family” to the 1991 version, “Wednesday” had a lot of expectations to live up to. But, a new set of characters expanded the plot by divulging from the family’s usual family-oriented escapades with opportunities for friendship and mystery all at the heart of Nevermore Academy.

“Wednesday” excellently cast 1991 Wednesday herself, Christina Ricci, while introducing up-and-coming stars Jenna Ortega (“Wednesday”), Emma Myers (“Enid”) and Percy White (“Xavier”) which particularly stood out to me. It was clear from the start that each role was matched perfectly, especially with the addition of current big names like Gwendoline Christie (“Mrs. Weems”), Catherine Zeta-Jones (“Morticia Addams”) and Luis Guzmán (“Gomez”). The casting of Latino actors to stay true to the Addams family’s Spanish ancestry enhances the authenticity of the original plot.

Although this gore-filled series is heavily revolved around supernatural experiences, its substance goes beyond. Despite Wednesday’s morbid, unemotional front, it is revealed through the relationships she develops that she isn’t truly evil. This is strongly proven with her roommate Enid Sinclair, who is her complete polar opposite, especially when dangerous circumstances occur.

Ultimately, “Wednesday” proved to be everything it was cracked up to be. This exciting new adaptation of the beloved Addams family has an excellent plot with a phenomenal cast that will leave you longing for another season.