A final leap into ‘Visionary’

The Vision Dance Company performs their end-of-year spring show concert


Sarah Annie Navarrete

Dancer Alyssa Kim striking a pose during the jazz funk piece ‘Don’t stop the music’

Arabella Villarroel, Staff Reporter

On March 31. and April 1. at 7pm in the PAC the Vision Dance Company took the stage for their spring show performance titled ‘Visionary’.

“My favorite part of ‘Visionary’ was hearing all the different feedback we got,” senior Kassy Payne said. “And seeing the difference between the dancers and the audience’s opinions of each piece.” 

The show took place at 7pm, in the Performing Arts Center, where friends, family, and people of the community were invited to reserve their seats for the free performance. 

“Visionary was a blast because I got to perform with all of my friends and hang out in the dressing rooms before the show and get ready with them,” sophomore Ella Stapleton said.

The pieces were choreographed by Katie Hopkins, Holly Lyons, Gabby Azios and they brought in guest choreographers.

“My favorite piece I was in was jazz funk,” Stapleton said. “It was really high energy and fast paced which made it a lot of fun to perform.”

The team began working on these pieces immediately upon return from winter break, and up until the show. Going from late after school rehearsals to full company ones in class. 

“Something I was nervous about was the trio,” Payne said. “It was a really special piece to me because it was with two of my best friends and choreographed by Mrs. Lyons so I wanted to do it justice.”

The show featured many different styles of dance such as: modern, jazz, contemporary, and jazz funk. 

“My favorite piece [was] “Remember us this way”, aka the senior dance,” Payne said. “I loved being able to dance with all the girls in my class for the last time.”

For the seniors, it was their very last performance of their high school career as the Vision Dance Company. 

“My last show was everything I could have asked for,” Payne said. “Everyone made it very special, and it was really sad but also fun to look back on everything this program has done for me the last four years.”